Introduction and background

"When we began filming at the time of the 1992 Earth Summit, we had no idea how the lives of our children would evolve. They've grown up amid peace, violence, family breakdown and family support; amid growing prosperity and enduring poverty; pollution and clean-up, the pull of the countryside and the great rush to the cities" (LGfL film partner tve).

tve followed the lives of 11 children in 10 different countries for more than 20 years in the wake of the Rio Earth Summit. The films in this resource provide a unique insight into growing up around the world; the challenges, hopes and dreams of these children. They also show how the world around them has changed and the impact that has had.

Growing up around the World focuses on building your students' empathy and understanding of situations to develop knowledge and encourage research and critical thinking. Students are inspired to think globally and delve into the topic of human rights.

This resource has one section that is appropriate for KS2, and one for KS3. The activities in this resource support the teaching of the National Curriculum for KS2 and KS3 Geography and Citizenship/PSHE. Links can also be made to History, Art and Design, and Citizenship.

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